Why does my church look so different???

whyRevelation 18:4
And I heard another voice from heaven, saying, Come out of her, my people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, and that ye receive not of her plagues.

According to Websters, the word zealous means:
“Full of, characterized by, or due to zealardently active, devoted, ordiligent.” In other words, seems like a real good thing and it is!

Every Christian should be zealous or devoted or characterized by or full of a passion for the things of God. However, what we must understand is that zealousness does not equal salvation as we read in the above verse. In the above scripture, God is calling people out that he calls “my people”.  If we read the scripture just prior to this passage we understand that he is calling people who are zealous for him out of false churches.

He’s saying, “I know you love me but you cannot be in covenant with me while you’re in error and disobedience.” We find a situation like this in Matthew 7:21-23. Here we find believers that worked many wonderful things by faith but in the end were cast out of the presence of Jesus because they were zealous but without truth.

I believe the passage in Revelation 18:4 is in the word of God because there are people today, in these last days asking certain questions that begin with “why”.
“Why don’t my church look like that church in the New Testament scriptures?”

  • Why did they talk in tongues when the Holy Ghost came upon them in Acts 2 but my church speaks against such things?
  • Why did Jesus tell Nicodemus that we must be born of both water and Spirit but my church says just pray a sinners prayer?
  • Why did they admonish the lifting of hands but my church frowns on it?
  • Why did they shout before the Lord and yet my church is always so solemn and quiet?
  • Why does the Bible say to praise him with the dance but that would be forbidden in my church?
  • Why do we read about Jesus being a healer and deliverer and yet I’ve never witnessed that in my church?
  • Why do they practice the laying on of hands in the NT and yet I’ve never seen its application in our services?
  • Why did they practice modesty and holiness and yet my church looks so much and acts so much like the world?
  • Why did Paul say to be separated from the world and yet we embrace so many worldly things in our congregation?
  • Why does Paul exhort us to covet the gifts of the Spirit and yet that we’re told that’s not for us today?

If my church is the New Testament church of Jesus Christ, then why don’t my church look like that church in the Bible?

Fair questions and ones I believe merit a lot of study and prayer.

I believe there will be many in these last days that will put those questions into study, prayer and seeking. These will be those who ultimately receive revelation and strength to “come out of her” and will inherit eternal life.

Be zealous for the thing of God but understand that it just may take you into places of decision and then it’s up to you. Come out or stay and take your chances.

Be blessed!





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